Introduction: What is the 'South Coast Lifestyle'?

Introduction: What is the 'South Coast Lifestyle'?

An introduction to who we are and what we're all about.

So you might be wondering where this new brand and idea of the South Coast Lifestyle came from. In truth, it's been a good few months in the making!

I've been wanting a way to get creative with an online store for ages; it's something I've tried in the past but never really committed to - potentially because I was never truly passionate about the idea...


I'm a designer and lifestyle blogger (see The Cornish Life) based in Cornwall, where I've lived and grown up since age 2. Moving away to study for a couple of years made me realise how lucky I'd been to have spent my childhood in such a beautiful part of the country, and since returning I've made it my mission to showcase the South West in all its beauty on my blog, which I run alongside my website design business.


But apparently that's not enough for me! Whilst brain-storming ideas for a way for me to get creative with an online store, my partner Alex and I thought it would be a great idea to create a clothing brand that celebrates coastal life too.

Not wanting to leave out the stunning coastline of Devon and further afield, we decided on a name that would encompass the whole of the South Coast that we love so much.

WHY 1996?

Nope, it's not my birth year, or the year this brand was set up. It's the year my family moved to Cornwall with me (being from Cornwall and Devon themselves), and the year since I've considered myself a South West lass!


Check out our brand new range of designs!




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